React for Drupal

Looking for the next project I’d like to dive into, I really wanted to build a media hubsite. Right now I’m using Adobe portfolio and that looks halfway decent (though I feel I’m giving myself some leeway there if I’m being honest). UIs can be helpful if done right. I feel though the UIs like the ones for the Adobe portfolio site are best used for a stack of work that doesn’t include the website said work is hosted on. As a developer, your site is your portfolio as well. I’ve decided to use my main site as sort of a central hub and a place to post weekly updates on new projects and things I’m looking to dive into. Initially a few weeks ago, I was quite interested in learning Hugo, but after diving into React a bit more, I’m thinking that I’m going to refocus on diving into Gatsby. Besides that, I’m also looking at React for Drupal. Acquia has a great sandbox to try things out in and I’ve been rather curious about decoupling a CMS. It’s also intriguing, the idea of possible a PWA framework like Gatsby with Drupal. But we’ll see how it goes!