.NET | Team Treehouse

As I have begun to do a dive back into .NET, I figured it would probably be best to actually do something that had a structure to it and not just a bunch of small exercises here and there. Team Treehouse has a course on C# and one on ASP.Net. Being in the current state of non-employment this week, if I simply treated the courses as a full-time job, I could actually be finished with both by the end of the week. I’m already finding while going through the C# course that I’m no so much learning how it all works again but rather refereshing myself on what it all does. It doesn’t feel nearly as difficult to go through the course as when I initially learned the language. In fact, a lot of it feels like review and I’m finding that I know a lot of the material already. I’ll check back in later this week with an update on how everything is coming along.