CodePen: Bio Page Mockup

Right now I’m making a bit of a challenge for myself to create a few projects inspired by this blog:. The first of these 21 pages was a bio page mockup. I want see what could be build with minimal code and using jquery to add some nifty animation and a little bit of style to your average bio page. One thing I know about the modern web landscape is that everyone wants to reduce the amount of clicks it takes until you get to where you want to go from the user perspective. Having a page that could simply swap out the content below the staff seemed like it would be a good in between, especially if it was using a library that most of the web already uses and in a way that would make it easy to integrate into an existing project. I’m planning on putting all of these project up on a codepen profile. The first of them can be found here. See you guys at the post for tomorrow’s project!